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Mr. Handy
Games Played:
The Masterwork of Nicholas Forby(Dr. Alexander Campbell)
Eternal Lies(Dr. Holly Chastain)
Dead Men Walking(Vivienne Grey)
Masks of Nyarlathotep (7th Edition)(Amy Lawrence)
Servants of the Lake(William Preston, Esq.)
Doors to Darkness(Ranger Carl Norris)
Miracle Stone of the Amazon(Dr. Harry Smith, Jr.)
Watch the World Burn(Liz Penhaligon)
Groovy Ghastly Affair(Dr. Liz North)
Muppet Cthulhu(Gonzo)
Jailbreak(Officer Linda Beck)
Groovy Ghastly Affair: Dark Shadows (1967 timeline)(Victoria Winters)
Delta Green- Cell P(Laurel Nichols)
Delta Green: S-Cell(Special Agent Vanessa Marchand)
Lover in the Ice(Agent Michael Kowalski, PFC Rosa Vazquez)
Joint Task Force - Special Operations (Miranda Waterhouse, Agent Lee Shaftoe)
The Last Train Home(Kate Lacey)
Ghastly Affair(Dr. Henry North)
Expedition into the Border Kingdom(Claudius Forester)
The Provost of Eton's Inheritance(Cynthia Knight)
Ghastly Affair: Dark Shadows (1795 timeline)(Reverend Orville Trask)
Arkham Horror(Mark Harrigan)
Games as Keeper:
Zombie Apocalypse - Blood Brothers style CoC
Space Oddity - CoC meets Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes in 1969 Philadelphia
A Cool and Lonely Courage

Doctor Who/Call of Cthulhu Campaign:
The Terror Out of Time (4 episodes) - 1930 London, England
The Ninth Planet (4 episodes) - 2112 Pluto
The Shadow Over Dunwich (5 epsiodes) - 1985 Dunwich, England
The Brotherhood of Death (3 episodes) - 44 BC Rome
The Horror in the Blackout (? epsiodes) - 1940 London, England

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Doctor Who/Call of Cthulhu Campaign:
(viewforum.php?f=176)The Terror Out of Time
The Ninth Planet
The Shadow Over Dunwich
The Brotherhood of Death
The Horror in the Blackout