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  • Mare Balticum
    [They] "transport beaver hides, the pelts of the black fox and swords from the farthest reaches of the Saqaliba to the Sea of Rum [i.e., the Black Sea]. The ruler of Rum [i.e., the Byzantine Empire] takes a tithe of them. If they wish, they go to the Tnys river [i.e., "Tanais", the Greek name of the Don River], Yitil [i.e., Itil, the ancient name of the Volga], or Tin [variously identified as Don or Seversky Donets], the River of the Saqaliba. They travel to Khamlij, the city of the Khazars whose ruler takes a tithe of them. Then they betake themselves to the Sea of Jurjan [Caspian Sea] and they alight on whichever of its shores they wish. ... Sometimes, they carry their goods from Jurjan by camel to Baghdad. Saqlab slaves translate for them. They claim that they are Christians and pay the jizya."

    885-886, Ibn Khordadbeh writing about the Rus merchants who brought goods from Northern Europe and Northwestern Russia to Baghdad
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  • The Dreaming Spires
    Journey with us to an alternative 1898, where history rubs shoulders with imagination. Where ‘what was’ is replaced by ‘what might have been’. Leagues of Adventures presents, for your edification – ‘The Dreaming Spires, episode one of the Great Game Campaign’.

    “... A time when science itself stands poised to usher in a new golden age, or doom the world to terrible war.
    In the ancient university of Cambridge, the scion of an aristocratic family has gone missing, unearthing a plot which threatens to plunge the British Empire into chaos.
    Can the intrepid globetrotters solve the Cambridge conspiracy before it’s too late? What secrets lie hidden beneath its dreaming spires?”
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  • Eternal Lies (Trail of Cthulhu)
    A decade ago, a band of occult investigators battled against the summoning of an ancient and monstrous evil. They failed. Now you must piece together the puzzle and finish what they could not. The stakes are high, and so is the price to pay. Can you do it?
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  • Dead Men Walking
    On the lunar calendar, it is the twelfth of July, 1920; in three days' time, the good people of China will celebrate 中元節, the festival of the dead. The great festival is an ancient tradition shrouded in dark rumours and whispered tales. Now, this festival will be celebrated publicly in Peking city, open to the gazes and inquiries of foreigners. During this month, the 阴气, the aura of death, is at its strongest; it will be during this month that the dead may influence the living realm with an eldritch plot of horror and madness...
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  • Masks of Nyarlathotep (7th Edition)
    Using the 2018 remastered edition of Masks.

    March 1921, Lima, Peru: A disparate group of academics and adventurers gather to assist Augustus Larkin's expedition to locate a pyramid long forgotten by history.

    Years later a friendship forged in Peru will bring this group together again - can the investigators unravel the mysteries of the Carlyle Expedition massacre before it's too late?
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  • Servants of the Lake
    The voice on the phone said, "I understand that you are a friend of my son, James. He has gone missing. I require your assistance in bringing him home again...”

    A university student has gone missing. Can his friends find out what has happened to James Frazer in 1920s Massachusetts?
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  • Doors to Darkness
    Doors to Darkness yawn open to reveal three hair raising tales!

    Genius Loci - Not all is well at the Kirby State Lunatic Asylum and it’s down to the investigators to heed a friend in need’s cry.
    Ties That Bind - Strange rock formations have been found in Mrs. Carrington’s prized fountain. But these are like no rocks seen before!
    None More Black - The death of a Rice University student leads the investigators into unsavoury neighbourhoods and dark business dealings.

    Are you the Dreamer or are you the Dream? Shadows flitting at the corners of your vision, haunting laughter just outside your window and inhuman, eerie sounds in the middle of the night, all of this and more await the unwary once you open the Doors to Darkness!
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  • The Arkham Evil (Coc 7th)
    You are gathered together in the offices of Professor N.E. Brown, Dean of the College of Sciences at the Miskatonic University, in Arkham, Mass. It is Friday evening, March 21st, 1919....
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  • Devon Cthulhu 1920
    The Case of the Southern Star.
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  • The Condemned
    Tragedy befalls two Miskatonic University students on a camping trip, when they are reportedly struck by lightning.

    Of course, something far more sinister is at work, and the investigators are in a race to prevent the spread of evil in Arkham.
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  • Fear Forgotten
    Before there was Delta Green there was a small organization tasked with investigating the most morbid and vile happenings lurking just bellow the veneer of society. Specially chosen and skilled investigators join forces in a race to solve or cover up these events before it takes its toll on their Sanity. Investigators from a variety of backgrounds will need all the help they can get from their mysterious and international benefactors who always know more than they let on and never let slip their full intentions. It's pre-WW2 but the war of the Mythos is just beginning.
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  • Horror on the Orient Express (Trail of Cthulhu)
    A puzzling headline begins a front-page article found in the Times of London. Three men, all identical in identification, were found dead in the same room of the Chelsea Arms Hotel. Then the home of a valued friend burns to the ground, severely injuring him in the process. It is the beginning of "Horror On The Orient Express" a European campaign set in the winter between January and March of 1923. Over the course of the campaign, the investigators are trying to collect the various pieces of an ancient statue called the Sedefkar Simulacrum. Night falls early then, and each night is long and cold. The campaign is made up of 11 scenarios, taking place in seven nations, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenes, Bulgaria, and Turkey. All are stops on the path of the Simplon-Orient Express.
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  • Watch the World Burn
    A chance occurrence in London's Heathrow Airport leads to a desperate search to find answers to terrible lost knowledge.
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  • On the Precipice
    1976, South California
    The Sandoval couple is worried sick: their daughter, Elizabeth, ran off and joined a cult, the Temple of Concordance. They had no contact with her until recently, when she called them, clearly in a state of distress. The call ended abruptly, without any answer from Elizabeth about her status. The police checked up on the Temple, but found everything to be in order: Elizabeth is 21, practicing her right to worship as she wishes. The Sandovals decide to take matters into their own hands...
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  • Hell in Texas
    "Hell in Texas" finds our team of Global News Service investigative reporters recovering from the catastrophic results of their previous adventure in their homebase of Cleveland. Despite the addition of a few new members to their "Scoopy Gang," there doesn't seem to be many stories developing. Things have literally died down in Cleveland.

    The group gets wind of a possible story out of east Texas. A lurid suicide, a provocative Halloween haunted house, and hints of police corruption? Sounds like an easy bonus for the taking.
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  • Zombie Apocalypse Reanimated
    A group of strangers at a highway truck stop must cooperate to survive as the world becomes overwhelmed with legions of the living dead. But more terror awaits them as they race to prevent the end of mankind and the coming of the Zombie Apocalypse. (This is a Blood Brothers Campaign based on Call of Cthulhu Rules and the films of George Romero).
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  • Muppet Cthulhu: The Show Must Go On!
    "Good Evening Everyone and Welcome to the Muppet Cthulhu Show. My name is Uncle Deadly and I will taking over the hosting duties for Kermit the Frog as he is… Well… Dead! Here to help solve the crime and figure out just exactly what the devil is going on…. I mean who ever heard of a dead Muppet? Really? I don’t even think we’re alive to begin with. If you cut me do I not bleed? Of course I don’t!! I just spew cotton and thread and other nonsense everywhere. But there Kermit lies.. blood and brain oozing out on the sidewalk. Quite the spectacle indeed. But I digress.. Ahem…. Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you Mr. Magnum PI himself… Tom Selleck "

    The curtain opens on Tom Seleck dressed in his traditional Magnum P.I. Hawaiian T and short blue short shorts. The audience goes wild.

    Muppet Cthulhu is a new take on the Call of Cthulhu RPG where players take on the role of real Muppets and try to hold onto their “insanity” as the real world of Cthulhu comes crashing down around them. But most importantly... no matter the cost…. The Show Must Go On!
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  • Jailbreak (File not found 404)
    It was not a quiet night: a sudden storm blew across the fields.
    Maybe they should go down to the cellar if it got worse.
    The radio was off.
    No news.
    Until now.

    The scenario plays out in a farm house some ways from a prison.
    You are there.
    Will you leave?

    Jailbreak is a scenario written by Greg Stolze for Unknown Armies.
    I run it like Call of Cthulhu.

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  • Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly Away Home
    6.30pm Thursday 11th March 2010, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

    A five-year old girl, Regina Balfour, is kidnapped in broad daylight from the Eden Shopping Centre, while her mother’s back is momentarily turned. Left behind is her ladybird shaped backpack, which contained supplies for her insulin pump. She needs her medication to live more than a few days, and her condition will rapidly deteriorate without it...
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  • The Lower Deep (Cthulhu Dark)
    Terror Lurks beneath the waves...

    In Dame Marie, sleeping villagers walk in the dead of night - they return without memory, naked and soaking from the sea...when they return at all...
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  • Delta Green- Cell P
    You are not alone in the war against the Mythos. The problem is, neither is the Mythos. A game heavily influenced by the X-files, investigation and conspiracies.
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  • Delta Green: S-Cell
    The year is 1999. A group of agents with the FBI quickly discover a routine case is anything but. Thrust into a world that's as incomprehensible as it is deadly, can this team hope to hold back the darkness?
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  • Lover in the Ice
    Lafontaine, Missouri, is paralyzed by an ice storm. Delta Green has received a silent alarm from a storage unit in the city and needs eyes on the ground. (Content warning: body horror and sexual violence.)
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  • Joint Task Force - Special Operations
    This is a Non-Delta Green / Non-Mythos game that utilizes Delta Green Rules.
    Agent, you have been assigned to the Joint Task Force headed by a Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. You, and your colleagues chosen from other Federal Law Enforcement agencies, have been especially selected to participate in this exercise of inter-agency cooperation so that we can pool your collective talents and skills to better serve the interests of our great nation. As we struggle to over come the challenges we face as a nation in this time of global pandemic, we're counting on you and your colleagues to work together against the many threats we face (foreign and domestic, visible and invisible, biological, human and 'other') in order to keep your countryman safe, secure and healthy. With your service, we will help make America great again. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, Your President.
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  • The Last Train Home (Trail of Cthulhu)
    Several people arrive at the Appledown Train Station eager to be on the last train north to Ashford. Unfortunately nothing is at seems and everything goes downhill from there.
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    Subforum: Mysterious Train
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  • Expedition into the Border Kingdom
    In the years after the oceans drank Atlantis, and long before the brothers Romulus and Remus founded their great city, there was the age of Hyboria. A time lost to history, a time of savage swords and strange sorcery...
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  • The Titan Incident
    By the waning years of the 22nd century, humanity has expanded beyond Earth, establishing colonies on Mars, Ceres, and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn; the latter of these being largely penal or mining colonies, taking advantage of the isolation and mineral wealth of these moons. One such colony, known as Benedict’s Rest, was established on the shores of the north polar sea of Ligeia Mare on the moon Titan, in the year 2169. Originally a penal colony that used convict labor to harvest liquid methane, Benedict’s Rest was bought out by a German energy conglomerate, Richter Dynamics, and expanded; now, in 2189, contract, or “free” miners outnumber convicts 5 to 1—158 free miners to 31 convicts.

    The colony’s productivity, formerly the highest of any Richter colony site, has dropped 19% in the last month with no reasonable explanation provided. In the same period, the colony medic, Dr. Henry Holzer, has died; the administration has been vague regarding cause, though it has been intimated that he committed suicide. Over the objections of colony administrator James Kingsley, Richter Dynamics has sent a team of corporate troubleshooters to investigate these two issues and make recommendations to revive productivity.
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  • The Masque of Nyarlathotep
    1517, Auvergne, France: The Duc d'Auvergne is hosting an elaborate gathering culminating in a masquerade ball in his palace in Vyones, to which he has invited quite a few notable people. Travelers from throughout Europe and North Africa are in attendance to see and be seen. But there are some strange unseen things lurking behind the scenes that may put everyone in danger. Can Story, Elizabeth, Brook, and others attending the party unravel the mysteries and prevent madness from reigning supreme?

    This is Classic Doctor Who meets Call of Cthulhu, the sixth of a series of connected adventures set in different eras and locations that includes The Terror Out of Time, The Ninth Planet, The Shadow Over Dunwich, The Brotherhood of Death, and The Horror in the Blackout.
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  • Traveller- Horror on Planet Xotli
    What seemed a simple business trip turns into a race to save a planet… or the Empire of Man itself!
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