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  • Masks of Nyarlathotep
    In 1924 the author Jackson Elias departs New York to investigate the massacre of the Carlyle Expedition in darkest Africa.

    Six months later Jackson returns a changed man, he has uncovered terrible secrets that threaten us all and desperately needs your help, but is it already too late?
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  • Eternal Lies (Trail of Cthulhu)
    A decade ago, a band of occult investigators battled against the summoning of an ancient and monstrous evil. They failed. Now you must piece together the puzzle and finish what they could not. The stakes are high, and so is the price to pay. Can you do it?
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  • Horror on the Orient Express
    Welcome aboard the legendary and luxurious Simplon-Orient Express. Our experienced staff and lavish facilities can fulfill your every need as you travel in style across Europe. Dine on food on par with the greatest of restaurants. Enjoy a stiff drink and world class entertainment in the salon car. Rub shoulders with the elite. Rest and relax in our world-famous sleeping cars. Help solve a continent spanning threat while surviving the horrific onslaught of a dark and uncaring world, all aboard the Orient Express!
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  • The Curse of Nineveh
    The Curse of Nineveh is a seven-part campaign for Call of Cthulhu set in London, in the summer of 1925. The investigators find themselves embroiled in the events that surround the return of an expedition from Nineveh and a terrible curse that they brought back with them.
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  • Dead Light (7th Edition)
    Despite racing against the rain on your way northwards, the storm finally caught up with you in earnest and with it the night has fallen, abyssal black and riven by lightning. Conditions on the rain-swept road force your speed down to a virtual crawl so that your head-lamps can pierce the gloom and keep you on the path. The only thing certain now is that the weather behind you is worse than that which surrounds you, driving you onwards. What should have been an eventless journey has become something dangerous and unpredictable....
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  • Hockomock Hounds
    The headline in the newspaper reads 'Huge Hounds Haunt Hockomock'. The police have closed the case as only being coyotes and a crazy farmer. But you know better when it comes to stories that don't seem quite right. Where do these black hounds come from, what do they want (besides their nightly chicken dinner)? And how do you stop them?
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  • Dead Man Stomp
    Boston, August 1928. The jazz age is in full swing, but there’s one trumpet player whose music does a lot more than merely inspire people to dance. An encounter in a nightclub will lead to the investigators being plunged into a sanity-shattering chain of events while they try to prevent greater catastrophe.
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  • Dead Men Walking
    On the lunar calendar, it is the twelfth of July, 1920; in three days' time, the good people of China will celebrate 中元節, the festival of the dead. On this day, it generally considered a good idea to burn paper money as offerings to the dead, make offerings to your ancestors, and the dead in general, to comfort them in the afterlife and keep them from troubling the living. It is also during this month that the 阴气, the aura of death (rough translation, don't burn me at the stake), is at the strongest and the dead can cross over to the living realm. You are here in Beijing (Peking at the time, I believe) to observe the festival of the dead. Something is brewing...
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